High Carbon Cut Wire Shots
High Carbon Cut Wire Shots

High Carbon Cut Wire Shots

We offer a complete range of Carbon Steel Cut Wire in both Grade II and
III confiriming to international specifications in sizes ranging from
0.4mm to 1.6mm.Features:
Corrosion resistanceProlonged Service LifeGood abrasionHighly durableHardness Range:
Carbon Steel: 1070Regular: HRC 45-50Standard: HRC 50-55High: HRC 55-60Difference between Steel Cut Wire Shot Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot:
Cast Steel ShotCut Wire Steel ShotBasic
Raw Material is far Lower in Physical properties Composition. This
cause BLOW HOLES, POROSITY SHRINKAGE, which makes the shot FRACTURE into
SMALL PARTICLESRaw Material is of EXACT Composition without any material defects or HOLES ***OROSITYGrain size of cast shot is UNSTABILIZEDDue to its Drawing process, the grain size is STABILIZEDShot being produced are of mixed size, hence product is a mix of various spherical sizesAll cut wire shot being out of same wire, hence are IDENTICALHardness variation is largeUniform hardnessIn Micro-structure Carbide always thereMicro-Structure is only Tempered . MartensiteSteel Shot break in-to DustCut wire shot only WEAR DOWNHiger Consumption requires high Inventory, more Money Space as wellLower Inventory requires , for the SAME jobShot consumption is higherLess Consumption than Cast ShotIncreases Working Cycle Time, due to higher consumption in shot blasting/peeningReduce time for shot blasting / peeningNo Consistency in performance, due to fast deterioration in SizeConsistent PerformanceLess usage lifeUsage life is 2-3 times moreLower Purchase PriceHigher Purchase Price


Additional Information:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100?kg

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