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Cast SS Shots
Cast SS Shots

Cast SS Shots


Cast SS Shots are made manufactured in Stainless steel. We supply these shots in both Cr composition as well as Cr Ni composition. THe shots are ideally suitable for blasting on Non Ferrous components, Studs, SS Sheets, blasting on threads, Aluminum Castings etc. Hardness typically ranges from 25 to 35 HRc.


Cr Shots Composition is typically as under                   Cr Ni Composition is typically as under

a) Carbon 0.25% max                                                          0.25% Max

b) Silicon 3% max                                                                 3% Max

c) Mangnese 2% Max                                                           2% max

d) Chromium 16 to 20%                                                     14 to 16%

e) Phosphorous 6 to 10%                                                    6 to 10%

f) Ni                                                                                          6 to 10%

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