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Vacuum recovery System

Vacuum recovery System

Vacuum Recovery Systems are ideal systems to reduce wasteage of abrasives in large blast room, open sites, ship holds etc where after blasting media needs to be recollected and fed back into the shot blasting machines. Vacuum Recovery System also separates the dust from blasting media before feeding media back to the Blasting machines.

Synco manufactures complete range of Vacuum Recovery Systems. Synco Manufactures heavy duty recovery systems (with suction capacity of 2 tons) based on vacuum pumps.

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Description: The unit will be portable with completely independent working and self contained unit. The unit will consist of a moving trolley having all the required equipments mounted on it. The trolley will be mounted with vacuum recovery unit having a suction head, Cyclone type reclaimer, storage tank, dust collector, vacuum pump, air-compressor and control panel. Vacuum recovery unit will have a suction head (Guns) to be manipulated manually for suction of abrasive (Steel Grits/Shots/Aluminium Oxide etc.) The suction head will be fitted in flexible abrasive suction Hoses. The abrasive is sucked by vacuum suction draft created by vacuum pump through suction hose and discharged to cyclone type abrasive separator. The dust laden air is passed to cartridge type dust collector, where dust is arrested and clean air is discharged. Clean separated abrasive will be stored in storage hopper for recycling of abrasive.


Unit will be mounted on a trolley with wheels and can be moved as per requirement. The trolleys will have four manual Jacks to lift the complete unit with trolley on jacks and provide stability during operation.

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