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Tuesday, Dec 10th

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Paint Spray Rooms

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We manufacture Paint Spray Rooms to help improve painting quality and maintain a pollution free environment. Vacuum is created with the help of Axial Flow fan and thus air is sucked from outside of the paint room. Air enters through Inlet Filters and so air is filtered and dust and other foreign particles are filtered enabling us to prevent deposition of impurities on job being painted.

The air flowing downwards takes the over sprayed paint and passes through paint trap filters where paint particles are filtered and clean air is discharged outside paint room. Paint Trap filters can be replaced periodically.


Advantages Of Dry Type Paint Spray Room :
  • Keeps The Environment Pollution Free.
  • Separates Painting Zone From Other Departments.
  • Improves Paint Finish By Preventing Over Sprayed Paint And Dust Particles To Deposit On Wet Painted Jobs.
  • Provide Safety From Accidents And Fire Due To Hazardous And Inflammable Paints And Solvents .
  • No Requirement Of Disposal Of Sludge As In Wet Paint Spray Room / Booth.
  • Lower Installation And Maintenance Cost As Compared To Wet Type Paint Spray Room .
  • Ease Of Maintenance.



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