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Monday, Aug 26th

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Our Clientele

DIS - Dry Ice Systems - One Hose

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One hose system:
The pellets stored in the hopper are drawn into the air stream by using the rotating disc. Pellets and compressed air are propelled together through the blast hose to the gun.


E-Jet - The all-rounder -E-Jet

  • Easy to use, Ideal for all users
  • Unique Cleaning Spectrum, from cleaning the most delicate modules to difficult applications, e.g. Paint Removal




Micro-Jet Basic Silent  - The low noise < 85 dB/6 bar -Micro-Jet-Basic

  • Small and Compact
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Pellet and Compressed Air Consumption
  • No Damage of Delicate Objects Because of the Intigrated Scrambler



Micro-Jet Evolution - The small and powerful -Micro-Jet-Evolution

  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Application
  • The Membrane Filter makes it also Suitable for compressors with a PoorQuality of Compressed Air




Micro-Jet Tornado - Tornado power -Micro-Jet-Tornado

  • maximum blasting power
  • high area coverage
  • for the most stubborn of soiling
  • ideal for pipe cleaning and paint removal and the removal of undercoating

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