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Monday, Aug 26th

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DIS - Dry Ice Systems - Introduction

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The DIS Dry Ice Systems cleaning system represents one of the major innovations in the sector of industrial cleaning. Conventional methods for removing paint, dirt, grease, release agents and other surface coatings are very time consuming and labour intensive. They lead to long and expensive downtimes in the working process.

What is Dry Ice ?


Dry ice is CO2 (carbon dioxide) in compressed form. CO2 is an odourless, natural and non toxic gas. In the beverage industry for instance it is added to several drinks.

Advantages of using Dry Ice Systems


  • On impact the pellets sublimate without generatin any waste.
  • CO2 will not become water
  • The only thing remaining is the removed dirt – this way waste is reduced considerably and time saved.


Conventional Cleaning Methods have Serious Disadvantages, Like:

  • Water Treatment.
  • Complicated Waste Disposal.
  • Time Consuming Demounting of Delicate Parts.
  • Damage of Parts to be Cleaned.

We are authorized representative of DIS, Germany in India. For more details and quote of DIS Dry Ice Systems Blasting Machines you may contact us at :


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